As of August 10, 2022, Automotive Dealer's Emissions Liability Extended
From 3 to 5 Business Days

With the passage of the Deter Tampering Motor Vehicle Emissions Control Systems Act (SB22-179), the period during which an auto dealer is liable for a recently purchased gas-powered motor vehicle's compliance with Colorado emissions standards has been extended from three to five business days after purchase. 

Beginning August 10, 2022, vehicle buyers must be informed of the extension when the emissions testing coupon is given to the customer to sign. New, updated vehicle emissions testing coupons will be available at the main Air Care Colorado office by August 31, 2022. Air Care Colorado will continue to honor the existing emissions testing coupons during the inventory transition. 

Please contact the Division of Motor Vehicles Emissions Team at 303.205.5603 if you have any questions.  


Our staff is doing the best they can to get everyone through the testing process as
quickly, cooly, and safely as possible.
Air Care, like many businesses, is a few staff members short right now, and
while we are working diligently every day to add team members, it does take time to train new staff.

Please keep this in mind when:

  • The line is a little longer than usual

  • the testing process takes a little longer,

  • not all lanes are open due to staff shortages or equipment malfunction,

  • and it's BLAZING HOT.

When speaking to staff, please try to remember that these people
are are working as hard and as fast as they are able.

Thank you for your understanding. 

Masks are no longer required at Air Care Colorado testing stations for customers or staff
If you would like for your inspector to wear a mask, please request this when you are greeted.
Our staff can make this accommodation elderly when requested.

NOTE: Emissions standards are tightening as of January 2022


Vehicle emissions continue to be a major contributor to air pollution in Colorado. 

Air Care Colorado is using tighter emissions standards for its I/M 240 dynamometer (treadmill) test, starting in January 2022. 

The I/M 240 test is for vehicles that are at least eight (8) years old back to model year 1982. 

Your vehicle should still pass this test (even with these new tighter standards) if it is in proper working order. 

Attempt to complete your vehicle registration renewal ONLINE
BEFORE visiting an Air Care Station

Due to COVID-19 adjustments to testing protocols, and delays in the postal system, it is possible that you may not need to go to an emissions inspection station; you may have already passed emissions through the RapidScreen roadside option, or you may not have received your registration renewal card in a timely manner. More vehicles are receiving passing emissions through the RapidScreen roadside testing option, and some registration notifications may not reflect this.

To renew online:
1) Be sure to have available:

  • License plate number,
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), (You can find the 17-digit VIN on your insurance card, driver's side door of the vehicle, or the title.)
  • Current Colorado insurance information, and
  • Valid credit card or check.

2) Got to
3) Click on  Renew a vehicle registration (The car icon under 'Vehicle Quick Start.')
4) Read instructions and press the 'NEXT' button to begin the registration process.

If you receive a message that says your vehicle requires an inspection before it can be registered, please visit one of the 18 Air Care Colorado locations for an inspection and try again.


Contact Us

We're here to answer your questions and concerns.

Air Care Colorado maintains a consumer hotline for more information about emissions inspections. Customer service representatives are available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday. Both English- and Spanish-speaking operators are available. Se habla Espanol. Please call:

303-456-7090 in the Denver-metropolitan area
970-247-8378 in the North Front Range 

Recorded information is available on the hotline 24 hours a day. Motorists also may leave a voicemail message during off hours. Calls will be returned during regular business hours.

Want to email us a comment? Access our comments form.


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