All Air Care Locations Now Testing


ONE PERSON PER VEHICLE please, and MASKS are REQUIRED. Colorado's statewide mask mandate is followed at all Air Care Colorado locations. NO MASK, NO TEST.

(IF you have a medical condition that keeps you from wearing a mask, or if you are immunocompromised and want options or information regarding our safety processes, please call 303-456-7025 or email

Please be aware that testing procedures have been modified to speed the testing process and minimize close personal contact. Safety is our top priority and we are doing all we can to ensure a safe environment for all. Our emissions inspectors are committed to keeping everyone as safe as possible and do so by wearing masks and gloves at all times, using plastic steering wheel and shifter covers when necessary, and cleaning and disinfecting surfaces regularly.


WAIT TIMES - We are currently not tracking wait times in the same way we did prior to the COVID shutdown. Wait times are longer as we do not have all stations operating at this time. However, despite the number of vehicles you may see lined up, the wait times are generally between 45 minutes and one hour. Early mornings are usually the busiest times. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

Where to Go

The Air Care Colorado Inspection and Maintenance (I/M) Program is a network of 18 stations conveniently located throughout the Denver-metropolitan area and the North Front Range. Additionally, 18 RapidScreen roadside data collection units are set up and rotated among state-approved locations throughout the program area.

Depending upon the vehicle, Air Care Colorado stations use three different testing methods to evaluate emissions as part of the overall emissions inspection. They are:

  • 1982-and-newer vehicles: either an I/M240 dynamometer (treadmill) test or On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) “plug-in” test
  • 1981-and-older vehicles: a two-speed idle test

Find inspection stations and RapidScreen sites near you, and diesel inspection stations and county motor vehicle offices.

LOW PROFILE RIMS & OVERSIZED TIRES - Please note that front-wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles with low-profile rim sizes 17-inches-or-larger in diameter or vehicles with wheel sizes larger than 34 inches must be tested on special dynamometers capable of testing vehicles with these unusual features. Please take your vehicle to the Sheridan, Boulder, Ken Caryl or Fort Collins stations for inspection. These are the only stations in the program area equipped with specialized dynamometers that can test these vehicles.

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