There are many resources available to help with everything from unemployment/employment help to finding help for your child’s math problems. We’ve listed a few links to the most helpful (and funny) resources we’ve found.  

Links to Help 

Apply for Unemployment benefits here: 

Physical and mental health and wellness assistance: 

Youth assistance: 

Food assistance: 

Housing assistance: 


Links for everyone to get creative, get inspired or learn something new 


Get inspired here: 

Get cultured. Watch free Broadway musicals every Friday on YouTube here: 

Enjoy live music and performances here: 


Roam from home here: 

Cook up a storm here: 

And here: 

And, just for grins, here... 

Learn a language for free here: 

Meditate with the Monteray Bay Aquarium here: 

For the kiddos, or the parents, depending on how you look at it :P 


Lunchtime Doodles with Mo Willems (creator of 'Elelphant & Pig"): 


Virtual hugs & bedtime (really any time) stories with Josh Gad (aka Olaf): 


And finally, some giggles for everyone 

The funniest, most sensible dog on the internets, meet Pluto:   

SGN - Some Good News with the ever-funny John Krasinski: 


Stay home and stay safe. Check back often for updates, and send us your inspiring/interesting/funny activities and photos in the time of COVID. We will post a few each week.  

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