Air Care and the Rockies Want to Keep You Informed About the Metro Area’s Summertime Air Quality

Jul 9, 2019 -- Posted by : renee

aircarequality.jpgSummertime is here and with it hot days, Rockies baseball and, unfortunately in the Denver-metropolitan and the North Front Range areas, ozone season. Air Care Colorado is again partnering with the Colorado Rockies to keep residents up-to-date with ozone alerts and other important air quality messages.

Ozone is an invisible to the naked eye type of air pollution that forms when other air pollutants are released into the atmosphere and react with each other in the presence of heat and sunlight. As days get longer and temperatures rise, ozone pollution can increase and can trigger a variety of health problems especially for the elderly, young children and those with lung diseases. Exposure can cause acute respiratory problems and trigger asthma attacks. However, high levels of ozone can impact us all, especially if we are active outdoors.

When ozone levels are high, it’s best to avoid rigorous outdoor activity during the heat of the day. Prolonged exposure can cause lasting damage to your lungs.

That’s why Air Care Colorado continues to play an active role in informing residents about ozone and air quality. During the radio broadcasts of Colorado Rockies games on KOA NewsRadio (850 AM) and the Rockies Radio Network, Air Care Colorado provides a live air quality that includes current and forecasted air quality from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Ozone Action Alerts, and other important air quality information.

So, join us in rooting on our hometown team this season while staying informed about air quality. GO ROCKIES!!!


Summer Ozone

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