Avoid the Lines

Jan 11, 2019 -- Posted by : admin

Looking in the side mirror of your car, you see a long line of cars behind you.

No one likes to wait in a line! Fortunately, Air Care Colorado has a few useful tips that may help you avoid a longer wait when your vehicle is due an emissions inspection.

Avoiding the last few days of the month to bring your vehicle to one of Air Care Colorado’s inspection stations is a good strategy. A lot of us procrastinate and lines tend to build late every month as motorists bring their vehicles in just prior to the date required for registration renewal.

Similarly, many of us tend to gravitate toward times that initially seem more convenient: lunch hours, first thing in the morning, or the first business day after a holiday. Resist those tendencies and lines are likely to be shorter.

Do you like Mondays? Avoid the first day of the week at an Air Care Colorado station and you’ll like Mondays even more!

A little planning can go a long way toward avoiding lines and saving time! Air Care Colorado updates wait times at all its inspection stations every 15 minutes during business hours on this website. You may find that waits are longer than you would prefer on a given day or at a given time, or that another station nearby has no wait time listed at all! It’s always a good idea to check this website first before heading out to a station.

So, when are the good times to head to Air Care Colorado for an inspection? Saturdays are usually much less busy. The middle two weeks of the month, early mornings (just avoid arriving right when the station opens for day) and mid-afternoon during the week tend to be “sweet spots” for avoiding longer lines.

Plan a little and you may save a lot (of time, that is)!