RapidScreen, Skipping a Trip

Jan 25, 2019 -- Posted by : admin

The rapid screen van advertising quick, easy, convenient vehical emissions testings with a emissions monitor ahead.

Thanks to RapidScreen, nearly one of every three qualified motorists in the Denver-metropolitan area and the North Front Range can skip their vehicle’s next trip to an Air Care Colorado station and complete the registration renewal process entirely through the mail!

Have you seen the RapidScreen equipment alongside a roadway? It’s usually set up on a highway “on” ramp or a road where you are gently accelerating as you drive past. You’ll see compact green boxes, some cones and a sign indicating that an emissions monitor is ahead.

RapidScreen provides you, the motorist, the opportunity to have your vehicle’s emissions evaluated as you drive by, rather than having to plan a trip to an inspection station. RapidScreen is in use at several locations throughout the region nearly every day.

Colorado is the first state to incorporate a convenient roadside component into its emissions program. If you drive a well-maintained, low-polluting vehicle that qualifies based on emissions data collected on the road, you’ll be notified at registration renewal time. Simply include the emissions fee with your registration renewal and send it to your county of residence.

The registration renewal postcard you receive from your county will indicate whether you passed roadside emissions. Participation is voluntary, so eligible motorists always have the option of using RapidScreen or visiting an Air Care Colorado station.

For more information on how it all works, simply go to the RapidScreen section of the website for the details. You’ll also be able to see the weekly schedule for where the roadside equipment that collects the data will be located (it moves around, so be sure to check).