Air Care Colorado Rapid Screen

About RapidScreen

rapidscreenlogo.jpgAn alternative to standard emissions testing, RapidScreen gives you the opportunity to have your vehicle’s emissions screened as you drive, rather than having to visit an emissions inpsection station. If you record two clean RapidScreen readings within a 12-month window in the 14 months prior to your registration renewal, you’ll receive notification in the mail on your vehicle’s registration renewal card. If you choose to accept RapidScreen’s clean readings, simply pay your emissions fee along with your registration renewal fee, and you’re good to go. If you wish not to participate, you’ll need to receive a standard emissions inspection at your local inspection station—in which case your emissions fee would be due at the time of that inspection.

To ensure accurate and uncontaminated readings, the emissions limits for RapidScreen are stricter than those of a standard tailpipe emissions test. Therefore, it’s possible to fail a RapidScreen test, but still be able to pass emissions inspection at an Air Care Colorado testing facility. If your vehicle fails to meet RapidScreen’s strict qualifications, the need for a standard emissions inspection will be indicated on your registration renewal card.