Waiting blows! So, don't. Tips for avoiding lines at Air Care stations.

Jun 22, 2023

Waiting in line blows!

Fortunately, Air Care has a tip or two to help you avoid the longest waits for emissions inspections.

  • First... and Second:  DO NOT COME on MONDAYS or the DAY AFTER a HOLIDAY.

    These are the very busiest times at all stations.
    JULY 5 is generally THE BUSIEST DAY OF THE YEAR.
  • Third: AVOID the last few days of the month, PARTICULARLY the LAST MONDAY and the LAST DAY.

    Procrastination is human nature, unfortunately this very popular habit is wreking havoc on not just the procrastinator types but on all motorists in need of emissions inspections. The lines at Air Care stations start to build about five days before the end of every month. Do yourself a favor and visit during the second or third week.

    Early mornings are no fun for anyone, and they are even less fun at Air Care stations. Apparently those who do not procrastinate rival those who do, but only early in the morning. That is why a line of vehicles, reaching a block or even two, can be seen many mornings outside of Air Care stations well BEFORE opening time. 
    Hit the snooze button and skip the early morning wait.

A little planning can go a long way toward avoiding lines and saving time! This website shows updated wait times at all Air Care inspection stations. The site updates every 15 minutes during business hours. You may find that waits are longer than you would prefer on a given day or at a given time, or that another station nearby has no wait time listed at all! It’s always a good idea to check this website first before heading out to a station.

So, when are the good times to head to Air Care Colorado for an inspection?

  • Saturdays. Except the last Saturday of the month, of course!
  • The middle two weeks of the month. Except Mondays, of course!
  • Mid mornings and mid-afternoons tend to be “sweet spots” for avoiding longer lines. Except for Mondays, the last day of the month and the day after a holiday, of course!

Plan a little and you may save a lot... of time!


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