Air Care Colorado Rapid Screen

RapidScreen has a new look!
You may have been wondering where the white RapidScreen vans have gone. Well, RapidScreen has reduced its roadside footprint to two small green boxes. You will now see the same orange sign alerting to roadside emissions monitoring, but now your vehicle emissions will be read by small green boxes placed on either side of on-ramp roads. It's still the same quick and convenient RapidScreen testing system that works in exactly the same way as the large vans, just in a smaller package. For questions or to learn more, call the Air Care Colorado hotline, 303-456-7090.

RapidScreen testing units (white vans or small green boxes) set up at locations throughout the Denver metro and North Front Range areas. In an effort to reach as many drivers as possible, the van locations change weekly.  Click on the links below to find locations for the current and upcoming weeks. 

These sites vary from week to week with vans operating between the hours of 5:30 a.m. and 7 p.m. Van locations change weekly, be sure to confirm locations and times.

Please keep in mind that rain and snow can cause delayed starts in the mornings, and may cause testing to be shut down early or completely.

No Testing Monday, January 21st due to the Holiday.

Mapped Van Locations

Listing of Van Locations

Current week's locations:

Next week's locations: