Air Care Colorado

My Vehicle Keeps Failing. What Are My Options?

If your vehicle has failed its emissions test 2 or more times you have several options:

  • Consult the Emissions Repair Guide you received at the emissions testing center. Each facility listed has a repair effectiveness grade. The handbook contains other valuable information, including types of vehicles serviced, professional certifications, and OBD and/or I/M 240 training. It can be an important resource.
  • For owners of vehicles that have attempted repairs and then failed the retest, some free help in diagnosing the problem is available. The State of Colorado operates Emissions Technical Centers in the metro area, and they will evaluate your vehicle to determine the reason for the emissions failure for free. Call 303-744-2442 (and press 3) for more information and an appointment.
  • Discuss the vehicle's results with the repair technician who completed the repairs. The vehicle may need additional diagnostic and repair work.
  • If you are dissatisfied with the quality of the repairs you received, you may call the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles Emissions Office, 303-205-5603, for assistance.
  • Get a second opinion. Another repair technician may have a different opinion on what your vehicle needs.
  • Find out if the vehicle manufacturer has issued any recalls for your vehicle. Have all mechanically-related recall work done before retesting.
  • If you have spent $715 on repairs (or $75 for 1967 or older vehicles) and the vehicle still won't pass an emissions test, you may be eligible for a waiver. Call the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles Emissions Office, 303-205-5603, for information on how to apply.

Important Note

Unless you receive a waiver from the state, your vehicle will still need to be repaired and pass a retest before you can obtain your vehicle registration, even in the event of repeat test failures.