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I Used a Dealer Coupon to Get This Test. Now What?

If you just purchased a vehicle from a dealer, and If the vehicle failed the emissions test:

You have only 3 business days beginning the day after you took possession of the vehicle to bring the vehicle back to the dealer for repairs/repurchase. Business days are defined as Monday through Saturday, with the exception of state holidays.

The dealer is required by law to repair, pay a third party to repair, or repurchase the failed vehicle. The dealer will notify the consumer which of these three options it has chosen within three business days after the vehicle has been returned to the dealer.

** If you do not return the failed vehicle within the initial 3-day time period the dealer will be relieved of any further responsibility to repair or repurchase the vehicle for compliance with the emissions program.

The Dealer Has Three Options to Cure the Problem:

  1. Dealer Repairs: If the dealer chooses to repair the vehicle to pass the emissions test, it is the dealer's responsibility to have the vehicle retested (within the 10 calendar day free retest period) to confirm the repair results and provide the certificate of emissions compliance to the consumer at no additional cost.
  2. Dealer Payment for Appropriate Repairs: If the dealer chooses to pay a third party for the necessary repairs, it is the dealer's responsibility to negotiate cost with the repair facility. The dealer or consumer may take the responsibility to retest the vehicle (free within 10 calendar days after the initial failure). The dealer will provide the consumer with additional coupons for retest purposes as necessary at no additional charge. The dealer may not require the consumer to pay for repairs and then seek reimbursement.
  3. Dealer Repurchase: If the dealer chooses to repurchase the vehicle after an emissions failure, the dealer will repurchase the vehicle at the purchase price and terminate all monetary instruments concerning the sale of the vehicle. Return of a failing vehicle to the selling dealer does not constitute voluntary repossession as defined in Article 5 of Title 5 C.R.S.

If the vehicle fails again after repairs are performed, this process starts over. The dealer is responsible for providing the consumer with a vehicle that will pass the emissions test. If you need assistance with this process, call the Emissions Office, Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles, at 303-205-5603.