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My Vehicle "Check Engine" Light Failed

What does this have to do with emissions?

Potentially, a lot. When a vehicle's "Check Engine" light is on, it usually is an indication of significant problems with the emissions control system and/or other systems detected by the vehicle's on-board computer.

Effective January 1, 2015, an illuminated "Check Engine" light will cause vehicles eight (8) to 11 model years old to fail emissions. Vehicles 12 years and older will continue to receive an "Advisory" fail.

Inspection of the "Check Engine" light is meant to protect you - the motorist - and Colorado's air quality. Although the emissions testing cycle, for vehicles 12 years and older, can be completed and passed, the light can indicate problems with the vehicle. If problems associated with the "Check Engine" light are not diagnosed in a timely fashion, costly repairs may be waiting down the road. If properly diagnosed and repaired, your vehicle may experience improved emissions, drivability and fuel economy.

In many instances, repairs or replacement of certain emissions control components are covered under the manufacturer's warranty . However, failure to maintain your vehicle (including necessary maintenance when a "check engine" light indicates a problem) may void the warranty.

So, if your "Check Engine" light is lit when it's not supposed to be, your vehicle may be trying to tell you something. Do yourself a favor and have it checked out by a good repair technician. Your vehicle (and your wallet) will thank you.