Accelerate moderately as you pass the testing van. Moderate acceleration is required to produce the most representative sample of your vehicle’s exhaust emissions. Therefore, deceleration or heavy acceleration may result in an invalid reading.

Air Care Colorado

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Verifications

If your vehicle is not currently registered in the state of Colorado you must obtain a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) verification prior to registration. VIN Verifications may be obtained at any Air Care Colorado inspection station. If your vehicle requires an emissions inspection, simply let the inspector know that you need a VIN verification as well as an inspection. If your vehicle does not require an inspection, do not drive into the testing lanes, please ask for a VIN verification inside the station office. VIN verification fee: $20. 

The following provide VIN verifications:

  • Centralized Air Care Colorado emissions inspection stations.
  • Independent emissions inspection stations in both the Enhanced and Basic emissions program areas.
  • Licensed diesel emissions inspection stations.
  • Some motor vehicle dealerships.
  • Some County Clerk and Recorder offices.
  • Some law enforcement agencies.

Important Note: Some county clerks and law enforcement agencies do not provide this service. Call ahead to make sure this service is available before going to a county clerk's office or law enforcement agency for a VIN verification. For more information on the VIN verification requirement, call the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles at 303-205-5603 or your county motor vehicle office.

When does a 'new to Colorado' vehicle NOT require an inspection?

If the vehicle you are bringing into the program area is six years old or newer, or is brand new and has never been registered in any state, you do not need an emissions inspection. If the vehicle has never before been registered anywhere in the state of Colorado, you will need a VIN verification. Do not drive the vehicle into the testing lanes for a VIN verification; request a VIN verification at the office.