Drive by the testing vans on several occasions. Since there are several variables that may contribute to an invalid reading, and because your vehicle must record two clean readings to pass RapidScreen, it’s a good idea to drive by the testing vans several times in the months prior to your registration renewal.

Air Care Colorado

Tests for Commuters Who Reside Outside the Program Area

If you reside outside of the nine-county program area but commute into the area 90 days or more per year for employment or school, an emissions test in the enhanced area is required for your vehicle. This applies to:

  • Commuters into the Denver-Boulder and North Front Range areas;
  • College students who keep a vehicle locally but whose legal residence is in another part of the state or out of state;
  • Military personnel who are stationed here and keep a vehicle here, but whose legal residence is outside of the emissions program area;
  • Anyone who resides outside the program area or outside of the state but who is in the Denver-Boulder and Northern Front Range areas for their employment or schooling for part of the year (90 days or more) and brings a vehicle with them.