Kids 4 Clean Air Colorado Poster Contest Winners a Talented Bunch

We think everyone can agree that the winners of this year's Kids 4 Clean Air Colorado poster contest have amazing talent.

Students in grades 1 through 8 were challenged to learn a little about their age group's clean air theme - there were four - and then to depict that theme in an original artwork poster.  100 entrants rose to the challenge in spectacular form.  The artwork was so well done in fact, that there were two first place winners in the 3rd and 4th grade category!  The winners each received a new bicycle, helmet and water bottle, and a Radio Disney rally at their schools.* And, each winner's school was awarded a $1,000 grant for an environmental initiative of the school's choosing.  The submissions were evaluated on the use of the Air Quality (theme) message, the visual effectiveness, originality and universal appeal.

And the winners are...

1st & 2nd Grade category theme -  Put a Cap on Ozone!  Broken or missing gas caps can allow up to 30 gallons of gasoline to evaporate per year.

Winner: Paige, 2nd grade



3rd & 4th Grade category theme - Stop at the Click!  If you help out by filling the family car with gas, you might be tempted to put just a little extra in after the gas pump clicks off, or you might see your mom or dad do this.  Don't.  It's bad for the car and bad for the air.

Winner: Chayse, 4th grade



Winner: Vishva, 3rd grade



5th & 6th Grade category theme - Engines Off!  When your parents are waiting to pick you up from school or soccer practice, leaving their car running creates nasty pollution, as well as wastes gas.

Winner: Julie, 5th grade



7th & 8th Grade category theme - Maintenance Matters!  Keeping up with your car maintenance is not only important to keeping your car running, but also to protecting our air.

Winner: Rae, 7th grade


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