Kids, Show Us How to Help Keep the Air Clean and Win a Bike and A Thousand Dollars for Your School!

We all share the air, so what can we do to keep our air clean? Create a picture that shows simple steps that we can all take to help keep the Front Ranges’ air clean and you could win a new bike for yourself and $1,000 for your school.  Winning entries will be featured at Envirotest – Air Care Colorado stations along the Front Range, and you will have the chance to record a clean air message to be heard on Radio Disney this fall.

Envirotest - Air Care Colorado, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, the Regional Air Quality Council, the American Lung Association of Colorado and National Jewish Health have teamed up to launch the “Kids 4 Clean Air Colorado” poster contest. The contest will help kids learn about and teach their friends and family how they can all do their part to help keep the air clean and protect it for the future!

Kids here’s where we need your help, and where you can help your school!  Kids 4 Clean Air Colorado is holding a poster contest for all kids in first to eighth grade.  There will be four winners, one in each group, and these winners will receive a bicycle for themselves and a $1,000 grant for an environmental initiative at their school!  The poster themes are separated as follows:

1st to 2nd Grade: Put a Cap On Ozone –

​Broken or missing gas caps can allow up to 30 gallons of gasoline to evaporate per year.  These stinky fumes can create harmful ozone that can make your lungs burn.  Help demonstrate how we can put a cap on these gross ozone gasses and make our environment more fun outside!

3rd Grade to 4th Grade: Stop at the Click! –

​If you help out by filling the family car with gas, you might be tempted to put just a little extra in after the gas pump clicks off, or you might see your mom or dad do this.  Don’t.  It’s bad for the car and bad for the air.  Learn why you should not overfill a car’s gas tank and illustrate your ideas to remind people to Stop at the Click!

5th to 6th Grade: Engines Off! -

When your parents are waiting to pick you up from school or soccer practice, leaving their car running creates nasty pollution, as well as wastes their gas.  In order to help our environment and save your parents some money, teach them to turn off their car during long waiting periods.  Help show how we can demonstrate the benefits of turning your car off when going nowhere!

7th Grade to 8th Grade: Maintenance Matters –

​Keeping up with your car maintenance is not only important to keeping your car running, but also to protecting our air.  Encouraging your parents to keep their car maintained not only helps them get you to your games on time, but it also helps keep our air clean.  The pollution produced from not properly maintained cars is the leading cause to the brown cloud over Denver.  Your poster should help educate your parents on how to keep their car running great and keep our air and get the smog out of the air!

Show us your creativity by entering the Kids 4 Clean Air poster contest today.  Posters must be submitted by 5 p.m. Friday, September 20, 2013.  Students may either send or bring their posters to the Envirotest – Air Care Colorado offices at 5175 Marshall St., Arvada, CO  80002, or at the Regional Air Quality Council located at 1445 Market St., Suite 260, Denver, CO 80202.

Winners will be chosen in late September and award presentations will be held in October.

Visit for rules and regulations, entry forms and more information on how to help keep our air clean. You can also follow Air Care Colorado on Twitter.

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