Don't Miss the Bus

The Denver area’s Regional Transportation District (RTD) bus service provides alternative transportation for those who do not have or do not wish to use a car. From everyday commutes to specialty rides, RTD has a variety of metro area schedules and routes Bus1.pngto take you where you need to go fast and hassle-free; 365 days a year. All buses are wheelchair accessible and have bike racks for your convenience.

You know that RTD can carry more people at one time than a single car or truck, reducing the number of automobiles discharging emissions into the air, but did you know RTD is taking notable measures to be the most sustainable mode of transportation in the country?

Not only does RTD use alternative fuels such as electric propulsion and low sulfur diesel fuel in conjunction with hybrid-electric engine technology, but they have been named the leaders in promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency from the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratories.

RTD’s engine technology is constantly evolving. The biodiesel bus engines lower exhaust emissions and reduce dependence on foreign oil. The fleet of 16th Street mall buses operate on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and electric motors to further combat our carbon footprint. These buses can carry 116 people running on an engine that is comparable to the engine size of the Toyota Prius Hybrid; and they are free to use.

This public transportation is so efficient it produces 95 percent less carbon monoxide and 50 percent less carbon dioxide per passenger mile than private vehicles.

Think of the gas money RTD can help you save. Withdaily and monthly passes and ticket books, you can buy rides in bulk and do your part to keep the air clean.

There is one more great thing about Denver’s RTD – they actually “walk-the-walk” by being a truly an environmentally conscientious organization.  RTD’s vehicles aren’t the only part of their system that is conscious of the environment. The RTD facilities use energy reducing heating and lighting, and are creatively designed to be environmentally friendly. They also have recycle programs for oil, engine fluids, and tires along with their office supplies and equipment.

From the factory to the streets, RTD is functioning with the environment in mind.

So next time you jump in your car, think of all the ways RTD is providing to make it easier and more cost efficient to just simply catch the bus.

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