4 simple steps you can take to reduce your automobile emissions

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Living inColorado, we are able to enjoy the great outdoors. We like to take a hike, ride a bike and even climb to a peak called Pike. To be able to enjoy being outside, we cannot take for granted the air quality that we breathe.

Whether you are concerned about the environment or just want to be able to enjoy outdoor activities, one of the tangible things you can do to improve air quality is to reduce your vehicle emissions. Here are four things you can do TODAY to reduce your auto emissions.

Reduce the amount of time you are in your vehicle. If you are running an errand, why not consider actually running. Alternatively, you could ride a bicycle, join a carpool or become an RTD expert using public transportation. Since our automobiles are a major source of pollution, removing vehicles from the road will have the greatest impact on air quality.

Plan your route. If you are driving, take a little extra time before you begin and plan the shortest route possible to efficiently complete your task. Most people are on auto-pilot when it comes to their daily travel routine, however with a little effort you can reduce the amount of money you spend on gas while saving the environment. Remember – no backtracking!
Keep your vehicle is good operating condition by doing routine maintenance. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend changing the oil every 7,500 miles in passenger car under ideal driving conditions. How many of us really drive under ideal conditions? For maximum protection, most oil companies say to change the oil every 3,000 miles or three to six months regardless of what type of driving you do.
Reduce the amount of time your car idles. An idling car is terrible for emissions. There are some simple fixes: avoiding drive-thru lanes, avoiding travel during rush hour and if you are idling for more than a minute – consider turning off your engine.  Common sense tells us that we don’t need to turn off the engine at a red light, but 60 seconds of idling is a good rule of thumb to consider turning off the engine.

There are many more ways to reduce your auto emissions ranging from buying fuel-efficient cars, to alternative energy vehicles, to simple gasoline additives. Whatever you decide to do, know that making small changes in how you control your automobile usage has direct effect on our air quality and can also save you money at the pump.

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