Tighten the Cap on Your Gas Budget

With gas prices over $3.00/gallon for the entire year, it’s hard not to cringe while filling up your tank. As everyone’s looking for ways to save, here are some tips on how to save gas so that your trips to the gas station are not quite as frequent.

Maintain your vehicle – Follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance guidelines. By regularly checking the condition of your air filter, vacuum and coolant hoses, oil, oil filter, fluids, belts, tires, etc. you will ensure that your car gets the best possible fuel economy. To sign up for a chance to win $300 in vehicle maintenance, go to Maintenance Matters

Avoid idling – If you are going to be in one place for more than 60 seconds, consider turning off your engine. Despite popular belief, idling uses more gas than restarting the engine. Instead of letting your car “warm up” in the wintertime, pull on some gloves and a coat and start driving. Your car will warm up much faster when it’s in motion. Another suggestion is to bypass the drive-thru line and go inside. Often times, this is a quicker option anyway.

Use alternate forms of transportation – Whenever possible walk, ride your bike, take a bus, or carpool. Although at times it may seem like too much work or less convenient to leave your car behind, just think about the impact it can have on your wallet and your health. If you’re not familiar with public transportation in your area why don’t you spend a weekend exploring your town by bus? You may find things you’ve never seen before and you will become more comfortable taking public transportation at the same time.

Run all your errands at once – When running around town take a few minutes to plan your route out ahead of time. If it’s close enough to walk between places, park your car and go on foot. If you don’t particularly enjoy walking make it worth your while by stopping at a coffee shop or ice cream parlor along the way. This will not only save you gas, but loads of time!

Learn to be a fluid driver – sudden stops and starts put more strain on your gas tank as well as your vehicle as a whole. By gradually starting and trying your best to anticipate stops you will not only be a safer driver but save yourself money as well.

With some simple behavior changes, you can really make a difference on the amount of gas you consume and make a difference on your wallet.

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