Drive by the testing vans on several occasions. Since there are several variables that may contribute to an invalid reading, and because your vehicle must record two clean readings to pass RapidScreen, it’s a good idea to drive by the testing vans several times in the months prior to your registration renewal.

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Change of Ownership

Used vehicles that are for sale are required to have a new emissions test, even if the current inspection report still has time on it. However, there is an EXCEPTION to this rule:

  • If a newer used vehicle is sold and there are 365 days or more left on the original 4-year exemption, the vehicle does not require a new test at the time of sale.

It is the seller's responsibility to obtain the test. This is a consumer protection for the buyer. The seller must provide the emissions test paperwork to the buyer for vehicle registration purposes. The buyer must use this paperwork to register the vehicle within one year.  A vehicle dealer may offer customers a voucher enabling the buyer to obtain a test for free. The customer has the right to refuse this arrangement.

If you purchased a vehicle from a dealer, used a dealer voucher to obtain a test, and the vehicle failed the test, access our Dealer Information.